Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants to Create Art with You — Really

The actor teamed up with YouTube to launch a new series, Create Together

Art has always been a tremendous way for people to express their fears, loves, hopes, and dreams. From cave drawings to modern concerts, artistic expression has been a part of the human existence. And, it seems, difficult times cultivate the best kind of creativity.

Now, perhaps more than ever, the arts are showing up as a way for many people to process the current state of the world. Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets it, and wants everyone to know that staying at home doesn’t mean we have to create alone.

He’s joined with YouTube Originals to bring us a fantastic new project called Create Together #WithMe.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Creative Collaboration

Back in 2004, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was already helping creatives collaborate by founding HITRECORD. This online community brings creatives of all skill levels together to work on projects. Members can make big or small contributions to a project or start their own if they have an idea.

Now, people the world over are experiencing loneliness and isolation because of the coronavirus lockdowns. “The most strange thing is the silence,” one woman says in Gordon-Levitt’s video announcing the new project.

“And I was shooting a show and it got shut down,” the actor adds.

Then he says, people are creating all sorts of things as a way to cope. “But the creative process doesn’t have to be something you do by yourself,” he says. “It’s been really something to watch people rise up in this scary moment and come together through creativity and collaboration. And I just thought, this should be a show.

He pitched the idea to YouTube Originals and who’s going to say no to such a fantastic idea from Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

Create together

Now he’s looking for contributors for his six-part mini-series. The first episode premiered on May 18. And each week that follows, a new 10-minute episode will air showing how people all over the world are dealing with the stress right now through creative outlets.

As he says in the promo “if you like to write, act, make movies, music, however you like to express yourself, come jump in.” 

Contributions can be made on the HITRECORD website. There are a variety of contribution categories you can choose from including:

  • Recording yourself talking about what life is like these days
  • Recording yourself talking about your creative process on a specific project
  • Filming your life and circumstances
  • Filming your creative process
  • Photography
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Animated shorts
  • Sharing the “little thing” that you appreciate now more than ever

Contributions will then be organized and used to create the show. As of this writing, contributions are still being accepted, but if you miss the window, don’t despair! You can still watch the show and get inspired when it comes out on YouTube Originals. Episodes will play weekly on Mondays.

For updates, be sure to subscribe to HITRECORD on YouTube.

Create Together #WithMe: Episode One

Hope for the future

Something good comes out of every tragedy, to be sure. And if there’s anything good to come out of these difficult times, it will be the art that these uncertain days inspired. Those who create music, poetry, visual art, photography and so many other mediums are getting a fresh boost of material, and now an outlet to share it with the world.

Hey, thanks, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


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