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Five Tattoo Artists to Follow on Instagram

Tattoo artists’ styles mirror their experiences and their passions

Tattoo artists take part in a unique and intimate form of art. Their canvas is unusual — the skin of a human being. Their work lives on for decades and is an integral part of someone’s life.

From small, simple designs to intricate masterpieces covering large parts of the body, the popularity of tattoo artists’ unique form of art is skyrocketing. A surprising 30% of Americans have a tattoo, according to a 2019 survey, up from 21% in 2012.

If you’re looking for your next tattoo, your first tattoo — or just love this form of artwork, check out this round-up of talented tattoo artists that we recommend you follow on Instagram.

Nikko Hurtado

This native Californian specializes in rich portraits in full color. His designs tend toward the darker side of things. His artwork includes Voldemort from Harry Potter, the Joker from Batman, or El Dia de Los Muertos-inspired images.

In 2010, he opened his tattoo shop Black Anchor Collective in Hesperia, California. In 2017, he opened a second location, Black Anchor, in Los Angeles.

Dave Tevenal

This tattoo artist works with more than just human skin; he is also an illustrator and muralist. His colorful works are inspired by comic books, Americana, contemporary art, and more. He offers tattoo appointments out of Soho Ink in New York City or Memento Tattoo and Gallery in Columbus, Ohio.

To see his colorful, comic book-esque designs, check out his Instagram, or website

Kandace Layne

In Atlanta, Georgia, lovers of henna designs should check out Kandace Layne. Her tattoos are colorful and heavily influenced by henna and mehndi-type tattoos. She also does lovely full-color portraits, many of which include Hindi-inspired elements such as the third eye.

Matt Kerley

Matt Kerley also works with many artistic mediums. In his online store, Death Mask, fans can buy t-shirts, paintings, prints, and other paraphernalia features his work.

Kerley is known for his in-your-face designs. His work features imagery like faces without skin (or with the skin falling off), large insects, and skeletons with organs.

Sasha Unisex

Love watercolor paintings? Sasha Unisex has found a way to create gorgeous tattoos in the style of watercolor paintings. Flowers and animals tend to show up often in her work, all bright and colorful.

Great tattoo artists

These are only a few of the many talented tattoo artists around the world doing their part to add some color and creativity to people’s lives and bodies. We hope their work inspires you, either as an up-and-coming tattoo artist yourself or to take the plunge and add some art to your skin.

Anything can be made beautiful, and anything can be beautiful. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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