Artist Felix Hernández Makes Tiny Worlds Come Alive

Felix Hernández is an award-winning photographer, graphic designer, and digital artist from Mexico City, currently residing in Cancun.

His photography studio “Dreamphography” focuses on creating high-quality imagery for clients worldwide. Over the years, Felix has worked with many well-known brands, including BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Nickelodeon, Wilson, Cadbury, and The Red Cross.

He creates unique characters and brings them to life through some very specific techniques. Felix’s works have quickly gone viral, and the results are right in front of your eyes.

Photographer Shoots Fantastical Scenes Using Miniature Toy Props

His work is inspired by the surrealism of Salvador Dali and the magic realism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. He creates elaborate miniature worlds using everyday objects and toy props. These environments are then photographed and edited to create dreamlike landscapes.

Almost a decade ago, Hernández decided to combine his love for toys and scale models with his passion for photography and digital manipulation to create something different. It didn’t take so long for the “new” approach to photography to catch the attention of the scene. Afterward, brands all over the world wanted to make commercial projects with his concept.

A $50,000 Audi and Felix uses a $32 miniature replica instead

When it comes to editorial photography, a little ingenuity can go a really long way. And marketing cars is expensive.

Unless you hire Felix, who doesn’t need a real car to make the magic work. He does it with a $32 toy replica, and as we can see from his previous miniaturization projects, you can’t tell the difference.

He uses his imagination and creativity to create amazing, detailed, and realistic scenes with his own hands.

“What’s really cool is doing as much as you can in-camera. For snow scenes, I use wheat flour. For desert scenes, I use corn flour. For atmosphere, I add smoke. For rain, I spray water. For droplets, I add corn syrup.“.

Felix Hernandez

Felix Hernández brings digital art Back to the Future

His work is truly unique because he creates scenes on a miniature scale, photographs them in such a way that it seems life-size, and then recreates them on a larger scale. His project featuring the DeLorean from Back to the Future is one of our favorites.

Felix recreated the DeLorean car on a miniature scale and used a combination of smoke, lighting, fire, and digital artistry to create a surreal result.

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