Courtney Myers Landscape Oil Paintings Bring Social Media Alive

Not everyone gets to travel the world and experience all its beauty. However, there are ways you can visit other countries and regions without missing out. One of them is to check out works by Atlanta-based artist Courtney Myers, who has let us travel the world through her beautiful oil paintings.

Artist Courtney Myers Cervantes

Courtney Myers Cervantes graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2018 with majors in 3D Animation and an Illustration minor. She now works full-time as an art and social media marketing specialist and pursues her passion for oil painting in her ‘free time.’

This talented artist creates beautiful oil paintings of landscapes from different parts of the world that can be found in galleries and museums. She then shares her work on social media to give people a chance to travel to amazing places without having them leave their homes.

“The remaining paintings include Italy, Germany, Australia, China, Brazil, Nepal, and the United States. Ultimately, my goal will be to create landscape paintings that represent each country. Having only painted for only three years or so, I’m also trying to expand my portfolio and grow my skill—I feel like each painting has taught me something unique.”

Courtney Myers

What is landscape art in a social media world?

There are landscape artists who are experts at landscape painting and others who are adept in portrait painting. But here is an example of someone who has mastered both art and design. And her social media shows that she has mastered both art and craftsmanship.

Myers is a maestro with her brush on canvas, enabling her to render picture-perfect paintings. And she has an enormous variety in her repertoire, ranging from the oil paintings of famous people, including Kobe Bryant, Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga, Elon Musk, the Joker, and even Pennywise the clown. But, she specializes in scenic landscapes, capturing Winter Cabin, El Capitan, and other raw environmental beauty portrayed with exquisite detail.

Myers embarked on an artistic journey by painting a landscape for 12 different countries. For this, she decided to visit the Scottish Highlands, where she could see the rugged landscape, the enchanting grasslands, the rocky cliffs, the shimmering waters, and the picturesque sunsets. The chosen landscape was the Isle of Skye. A bridge connects this island to Scotland’s northwest coast, and its charming fishing villages, medieval castles, and beautiful scenery are famous.

Since completing her painting “The Isle of Skye” in January 2021, she’s visited four unique and beautiful countries and painted some iconic landscapes on canvas.

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