abstract photography

Abstract Photography Through the Lens of Charles Etoroma

In some ways, Charles Etoroma’s story is like many artists. But in other ways, it’s a story like none other. Similar to many self-made artists, Etoroma earned degrees that he no longer uses. But, while working toward those degrees — Mechanical Engineering and Political Science — he started a T-shirt company.

Charles Etoroma’s abstract photography shows Los Angeles in a different light

Now, how many people can say that?

The T-shirt venture was just the start of Etoroma’s artistic exploration. Since college, he’s found a love for photography, storytelling, content marketing, and entrepreneurship. And all of those passions come out in his work.

He says, “My goal in life is to engineer creativity through stories, content and strategy. All, to make you feel.”

abstract photography
This photo by Charles Etoroma was named among the best photos on Unsplash last year in the abstract photography category.

Etoroma grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, and later moved to Los Angeles. His resume includes content creation and social media gigs at DC Shoes, goop, and GOOD Worldwide. He now serves as senior social media specialist at EXPRESS, in addition to heading up his own content marketing company.

“Most days you’ll find me hard at work at various coffeeshops, roaming art museums, walking the streets with my camera and coming up with ideas,” he says. “I am a lover of people, creativity, and stories.”

Now about that abstract photography

Etoroma’s photography often brings out the often unseen beauty of every day places and objects. A staircase. A parking garage. A crosswalk. A ceiling. It all somehow looks different through Etoroma’s lens.

His photos gained global recognition from Unsplash last year, when the site named Etoroma a finalist in the abstract photography category.

Keep up with Charles Etoroma’s work on Instagram and Unsplash. Hire him or buy prints of his work at charlesetoroma.com.

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