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Artistic Fuel is a philosophy, we believe that every person has an artistic passion. It’s one we are all born with, that begins as childhood imagination but is all-too-often severed with the responsibilities and societal pressures of adulthood.

Rather, consider a world where each individual has the ability to pursue their creative ideas throughout their life, uninterrupted. Cofounders Jack and Sean O’Donnell, a father-son duo, have talked about this for years. This is where Artistic Fuel comes in. 

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Artistic Fuel Team

Jack O’Donnell


Sean O’Donnell

Brand Director

Nate Boyle


Grace O’Donnell

Community Manager

Kaeley Boyle

Creative Director

Artistic Fuel has built a robust digital platform to bring together both current and aspiring creatives.

Sean O’Donnell

Brand Director




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Artistic Fuel is an organization, one that aims to build a global community of individuals seeking to self-actualize by tapping into and unleashing their creative and artistic potential. Be they professional artisans, MFA students or amateur hobbyists, the spectrum of Artistic Fuel participants has no limit.

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The Artistic Fuel Foundation exists to support arts education, help creatives manage artistic pursuits, and communities connect with the arts.

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