Artistic Fuel Team

Artistic Fuel is your Stage for Creativity with Community 

We’re giving you the tools and a bit of a nudge to meet and support other artists like you. We want to inspire you to get out from behind the screen, visit a gallery, attend a poetry reading, see a show, or purchase a print. 

We want you to “Connect – Collaborate – Create.” After all, coming together in person sparks the best kind of ingenuity.

Meet our Team

Artistic Fuel is made by and for creatives. We are entrepreneurs, photographers, writers, musicians, woodworkers, home chefs, painters, designers, and lovers of all things artistic. We’ve felt that nagging drive to create. We’ve come together to support other creatives fueled by that same drive. Join us in supporting each other by simply signing in and connecting with others…. 

Jack O’Donnell

Founder CEO

Sean O’Donnell

Co-Founder & President

Nate Boyle

Chief Product Officer

Grace O’Donnell

Community Manager

Kaeley Boyle

Creative Director

Matthew Conlon


Partner to Create Amazing Art

We are in this together. Artistic Fuel Funds will be redistributed to local community centers, artists, and arts programs through our not-for-profit charitable arm, The Artistic Fuel Foundation. As members of Artistic Fuel, you can further the arts in your community by mentoring, volunteering, and simply sharing your passions with others. We can help you connect to those in need.

Discover Experiences and Events

Sure, it’s not hard to find out what’s happening at the Kennedy Center tonight. But what about that coffee shop poetry slam, community ballet troupe, local jam band, chef’s table, wine tasting, or neighborhood gallery opening

Artistic Fuel is your guide to all things creative, with mapping features and up-to-the-minute calendars of events in your communities and artists nearby. Get up, get out, and support creativity wherever you are.

Upcoming Events

Gather your Ideas with Courses

We believe there’s power in knowing the story behind a piece of art a photo, a sculpture, a song, or even a recipe. Artistic Fuel gives you the resources to tell your story, show your wares, and be seen and heard.

Transform your Creative Spaces

It’s true artists are three times more likely to be self-employed. Well, we’re here to help.

As Artistic Fuel grows, our not-for-profit, The Artistic Fuel Foundation, among several other initiatives, will offer creative entrepreneurs guidance and support as you navigate business/financial planning, marketing, copyright law, and trademarking your business.