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Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour Visits Boston

2,300 miles east of Park City Utah, in Boston, Massachusetts the Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour is thrilling film buffs in the Commonwealth State.

Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour Visits Boston as Main Event Continues in Park City

Robert Redford, president of the Sundance Institute, believes that stories are a vital component for bringing humanity closer together.

“Storytellers broaden our minds: engage, provoke, inspire, and ultimately, connect us,” he says.

When Redford founded the Sundance Institute nearly 40 years ago, he invited ten aspiring filmmakers to accompany him to the beautiful Sundance Resort in the snow-capped mountains of Park City, Utah. Subsequently, that retreat, which brought filmmakers together with directors, writers and actors, was the beginning of one of the world’s premier independent film festivals.

The Sundance Film Festival describes itself as “an environment where bold, creative, and distinctive voices are celebrated.” Consequently, each year, emerging filmmakers compete to win a coveted festival award that has the potential to launch their little-known films into stardom.

Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour Comes to Beantown

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, Massachusetts, is holding a parallel celebration of the Sundance Film Festival and its storytellers. The Institute is proud to present the Sundance Film Festival Short Film Tour, a 96-minute program comprised of short films from the Sundance entries.

Considered a platform for short films and their creators, the Short Film Tour at the ICA offers audiences a glimpse into the host of captivating stories showcased at Sundance. In short, it’s a sneak peek. This year, the Short Film Tour will run Feb. to 13-16 and feature the following seven entries.

sometimes, i think about dying

This 13-minute short film, directed by Stefanie Abel Horowitz, follows the life of Fran, who is considering death as a release from her life. However, she is forced to think twice as she learns that a man in her office may want to date her.


Winner of a Short Film Special Jury Award for Directing, this 13-minute film that was written and directed by Alexandra Lazarowich explores the world of the Blackfoot bareback horse-racing tradition and horseman Allison Red Crow’s struggle to challenge the best riders in the Blackfoot Confederacy.


In just four minutes, writer and director Aggie Pak-Yee Lee takes viewers behind the scenes in an art museum, to discover its inner workings and deepest secrets.

Crude Oil

In this 15-minute film by writer and director and Christopher Good, the main character, Jenny, breaks free from a harmful friendship and learns to channel her unique superpower.

Suicide by Sunlight

Directed by Nikyatu Jusu, Suicide by Sunlight is a 17-minute journey into the life of Valentina, a day-walking black vampire. Protected from the sunlight by her melanin, she must learn to control her thirst for blood to regain custody of her daughters.

The Minors

Writer and director Robert Machoian takes a closer look at a grandfather and his grandsons and their past, present, and future. Subsequently, this ten-minute film won a Short Film Special Jury Award for Directing.


In the longest film in the tour at 25 minutes, writer and director Meryam Joobeur follows the life of a Tunisian shepherd’s son as he returns home after an extended journey. Subsequently, as he readjusts to life at home with his new wife, tensions arise between father and son.

While the ICA Tour focuses on the short film entries of the Sundance Film Festival, there are plenty of other categories to explore. For example, horror, kids’ films, documentaries, and more. The 2020 Festival, which runs Jan. 23-Feb. 2, will include 118 feature films.

Some of the most talked-about films for 2020 include: Firstly, Tesla (an Alfred P. Sloan Movie Award winner), starring Ethan Hawke as inventor Nikola Tesla. Secondly, documentary Miss Americana, which follows the life of musical artist Taylor Swift; Thirdly, The Assistant, which is an intense but inspirational of sexism and harassment in the workplace.

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