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Raising a Budding Photographer? Check Out These Online Photography Classes for Kids

Online photography classes are a great way to stoke kids’ creativity

Those looking for creative outlets for their kids this summer might consider signing them up for online photography classes.

It’s never too early to teach kids how to take an excellent picture. Yes, taking a photo is more complicated than just pushing a button. There is a ton of thought and intention that goes into creating gorgeous art with a camera. But operating a camera is relatively easy and photography is a great, inclusive medium for kids to explore their creativity.

Many kids will be stuck at home a whole lot more this summer because of the COVID pandemic. Parents can help them explore their world — and see it through a new lens — by enrolling them in a virtual photography course.

There are a lot of online photography classes available, but here are a few of our favorites. Our round-up includes courses that start with the very basics of photography on up to courses that teach kids how to use the manual setting on a DSLR camera.

[Photo by Chris Benson on Unsplash]

Kids Photography Academy

Kids Photography Academy has a few interesting classes going on this summer. Each one encourages kids to slow down and be intentional about taking photos in a purposeful way.

The 30-Day Photo Challenge offers interesting challenges that will get kids moving and thinking. The Storytelling Series focuses on visual storytelling and learning how to speak volumes through images.

Finally, the Rock Your Camera Series will be coming out later in 2020. This course will focus more on the technical aspects of photography. It challenges kids to get out of automatic mode and learn to manually manipulate their settings to better capture their images.

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Udemy’s online photography classes

Udemy is offering flexible 12-week photography adventures for beginning photographers. Kids ages 4-13 will love following Anthony, the co-instructor around as he models the photo adventures. Phil, the head instructor, will then review Anthony’s photos and discuss ways to improve them.

Photo adventures consist of fun topics such as “What’s in Your House?” “Bug’s Eye View” or “A-Z Photo Find”.

Classes are affordable, fun, and engaging. Students will learn a bit about the history of photography, basic composition techniques, and how to take better photos with whatever camera is available.

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[Photo by Monica Gozalo on Unsplash]

Outschool’s photography courses

Outschool offers a variety of courses suitable for a range of age levels and skill levels. Some classes are offered once a week for several weeks, while others are more intensive with five days of instruction.

Choose from exciting courses such as “Beautiful and Stunning Smartphone Photography,” “Creative Toy Photography for Kids,” and “Create Your Own Mousterpiece.” That’s not a typo on that last one — kids will learn how to creatively photograph small animals. 

A few more in-depth technical courses are available for teens. Check out “Creative Photography & Working with Composition,” “Manual DSLR Photography 101 + 201”, or “How to Take Breathtaking Pictures.”

And there’s a whole lot more where those came from. Outschool has a slew of courses available so just about anyone can find something that gets them excited about capturing images.

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Don’t forget to have fun

A lot of social activities will be put on hold this summer due to the coronavirus concerns. That doesn’t mean that kids can’t still be enjoying and exploring their world through the lens of a camera.

Virtual classes provide a little bit of social interaction and also encourage kids to get out and see their world in a new way. Happy shooting!

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