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Teach Kids Math at Home with Games like Prodigy

Turn to games like Prodigy and other online resources for math lessons with built-in fun

Over the past several months, millions of parents have suddenly found themselves thrust into the world of homeschooling. On top of that, they are now working from home while navigating social distancing and cabin fever.

While it can all seem a bit overwhelming, there are plenty of tools (disguised as fun) that can help kids develop and retain math skills while giving parents a small respite from their teaching duties.

Therefore, alternative learning resources are more important than ever. Thankfully, there’s a plethora of online resources. Below are just a few of the games parents and students can use to make math education easy and fun — both today and when students return to school.

Games like Prodigy

Math education games like Prodigy are leading the way in creating fun, engaging games and activities that boost test scores and help students recall math concepts.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Prodigy was a trusted resource for more than 50 million students and teachers, offering free math tools and support for first through eighth-grade students. It uses elements from popular role-playing games to create competitions and challenges against fantasy characters.

Math is Fun

Much like Prodigy, online math platform Math Is Fun offers games and activities to suit all math skill levels, from number identification to calculus.

The website works just as well for individual use as it does in the classroom setting. It includes countless games like Sudoku puzzles and logic games to encourage students to approach math skills from new perspectives.

Get the Math

Leveraging real-world examples from professionals who use math in their day-to-day work, Get the Math answers the age-old question of, “when will I actually use this in real life?”

Featuring videos from musicians, fashion designers, video game developers, athletes, and more, the website offers games and challenges that apply to real situations. No more baffling story problems where “Jimmy buys 50 pineapples”. Today’s students want to know how the math they learn now will help them accomplish their career goals later.

Math Fluxx

Games that teach math are not just limited to online platforms and videos. Math Fluxx is a spin on the original card game Fluxx, in which players draw cards with specific rules and actions that they must follow throughout the game.

Math Fluxx requires the same attention to detail and problem solving as the original game, but with the addition of simple math and logic skills to keep players on their toes and in critical thinking mode.


For math lessons on the go, popular smart-phone application Mathmeteer is a great resource. The app takes students through 56 missions that require them to unlock new rocket building materials by solving challenges and learning new concepts. At just $1.99, it’s a wealth of content at a very low cost.

The Exit Series

This popular board game series takes players through a sequence of clues. From there, the clues bounce players between a murder-mystery and an escape room. With logic and math puzzles around every turn, each game helps players solve problems and advance to the next level of the mystery.

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