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Discover a Minnesota Antique Shop with an Architectural Bent


Discover a Minnesota Antique Shop with an Architectural Bent

City Salvage, a Minnesota Antique Shop, breaths new life into the old, preserving stories of generations past

Since 1998, City Salvage, Minnesota Antique Shop, has been an instrumental part of the effort to preserve and restore history on the northeast side of Minneapolis. Since architectural antiques are integral in preserving American history, the team travels the country looking for vintage items.

Their singular mission is “ensuring key artifacts of our American history live on to tell the stories of generations past, as well as hear the new tales to come.”

Some may see a cluttered shop full of junk when they walk through the doors, but for the growing number of Minnesotans seeking one-of-a-kind items for DIY projects, City Salvage is a goldmine of treasures from the 19th and 20th centuries.

In a culture where so much is wasted, architectural antique stores seek to give new life to pieces that most people would otherwise overlook. Moreover, as they say on their Facebook page, “The team at City Salvage believes the key to sustainability lies in preservation. We seek and salvage homes and commercial buildings that are often slated for demolition. We sift, remove, and save the best of the best.”

Minnesota Antique Shop – A large selection

From lighting to mantles, to antique bar supplies, the store holds a seemingly endless array of wares that add the perfect touch to home restoration projects and vintage decor. The team of experts that run the shop has a deep love of architecture and a story to tell about virtually every piece that graces the crowded floor.

Architecturally focused antique stores are becoming more prominent around the city, with showrooms like Bauer Brothers Salvage serving as a hub for authentic construction supplies and accents. For example, its 93,000-square-foot building has everything from 1950s furniture to 19th-century fireplaces.

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Nearby, architectural antique store Hunt and Gather invites visitors to “come on in and find their prize.” Moreover, the eclectic shop boasts records, books, and toys from eras gone by, as well as unique design pieces that add flair to any home’s decor.

As stores like City Salvage drive more interest in salvaging historic pieces and preserving America’s architectural legacy, Minneapolis homes retain historic charm. For instance, visitors can browse the City Salvage inventory Wednesdays through Saturdays at their 2800 Washington Avenue North shop.

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