Mason & Wales: New Zealand’s Oldest Architectural Firm

If there’s anything in your life that’s worth going the extra mile to make exceptional, it’s your home. Here at Artistic Fuel, architecture inspired by out-of-the-box creativity has a special place in our hearts. That’s why we’ve kept an eye on work from Mason & Wales Architects for some time now.

Mason & Wales is the oldest architectural practice in New Zealand. In fact, William Mason, the first architect to live and work in New Zealand and the first mayor of Dunedin, founded the firm in 1863.

Mason & Wales has designed a number of notable buildings throughout New Zealand, and today the firm is known for its clean, contemporary designs.

As the folks over at Mason & Wales say, “We have built our reputation on the enduring principles of quality, value and professionalism, which is evident in our portfolio of completed work.”

The man behind the photos

We want to be sure to give credit where credit is due. Mason & Wales’ designs are the star of this show, but the photographs do a remarkable job showcasing just how beautiful these homes are.

Photographer Simon Devitt captured each of these images. Devitt has photographed different cultures, in different lights, throughout the world, including Shanghai, Los Angeles, Japan, and of course New Zealand, where he lives.

“I have both a strong sense of home and a wanderlust,” he says on his website.

He’s also published a series of photo books, called Ripe Fruit. There, he’s shared words of wisdom on photography, such as:

“It’s a question of being somewhere to be
knowing when to stay still,
sitting on stories, telling stories
making gardens, waiting to eat.

Follow Simon’s work at

An up-close look at Mason & Wales’ work

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